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Post Info TOPIC: Amtrak's answer to orange numbered plastic bags.

Upgraded Condition?

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Amtrak's answer to orange numbered plastic bags.

 Stalled Amtrak Passengers Offered Luxury of Pooping in Cardboard Box

Passengers on a Boston-bound Amtrak train were stuck for six hours yesterday having only just left Penn Station. They had no reception and they had no power. And no power meant unflushable toilets. Amtrak, dauntless, had a compromise for its stalled passengers: taking a dump in a cardboard box.

Apparently, conductors on the high-speed Acela kept passengers calm, according to a report from Bostons local WBZ-TV. Train 2230 was hot, it was stuffy, the toilets were unflushable, there were probably horrific smells, but its passengers never seemed to have lost their humanity.


I mean, unless you consider resorting to defecating in a cardboard box a mark of civilization. I guess Im just happy it wasnt the floor.

Ah, yes. A cardboard porta-potty.

Ive been on a long-distance train that lost all air-conditioning in the middle of the summer. I was ready to go Lord of the Flies on everyone around me and all that was going wrong was that my otherwise-fine and on time trip was slightly stuffier than I would have liked.

How these Acela riders didnt start an open revolt I do not know.

The train was principally carrying people home to Boston, according to WBZ-TV, which makes me wonder how you all are living up there if youre cool calm and collected when Amtrak comes around with a makeshift poop box.






Upgraded Condition?

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They need to work on their train movements.

They need a better evacuation plan.

Wow, I know what I am getting my family for Christmas
With or without poop inside of it?
That?s the surprise

mm... I still suspect it wouldn?t handle the more liquid aspects of ablutions.
ALMOST tempted to buy it just to make a full review.

They waited decades for the Red Sox to win the World Series again, didn?t they?

Let it be a lesson. Drive a car and don?t eat that Chipotle before getting on a train.








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In India that situation would go without notice as their passenger trains already dump...lets say its still an open hole
to the tracks below. Its making headlines in India that some passenger trains will now have "western toilets".


Then a news story that after 163 years India Railways announce a toilet now in some locomotives. So every locomotive in the Indian Railways roster

doesn't have a toilet. Things happening fast now in India.



"I live in the 114th most peaceful country in the world".

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