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Post Info TOPIC: Stanley sets new state record

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Stanley sets new state record

Driver Charged With .491 Blood Alcohol Level

Highest In State's History For Someone Who Wasn't Dead

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) State Police arrested a man early Tuesday whose blood alcohol level allegedly was .491 -- more than six times the legal limit -- which they believe is the highest ever recorded in Rhode Island for someone who wasn't dead.

Stanley Kobierowski, 34, of North Providence, was arrested after he drove into a highway message board on Interstate 95 in Providence, Maj. Steven O'Donnell said.

After police arrived, Kobierowski had trouble getting out of the car, then grabbed it and refused to move, forcing troopers to carry him to the breakdown lane before taking him back to their barracks, O'Donnell said.

A Breathalyzer test showed Kobierowski had blood alcohol readings of .489 followed by .491, O'Donnell said, the highest readings anyone at the State Police or the Department of Health could remember for someone who didn't end up dead.

The legal limit in Rhode Island is .08. A blood alcohol of .3 is classified as "stupor," .4 is "comatose" and .5 is considered fatal, according to the health department.

"Our only assumption could be that the person has a serious alcohol problem," O'Donnell said. "The person's lucky they survived. There's no doubt he would have gotten killed or killed someone if he had continued on the route he was taking."

Kobierowski was taken to Rhode Island Hospital where he was put in the detoxification unit and sedated, O'Donnell said. He was arraigned Tuesday afternoon on charges of driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

He was released after promising to appear at hearing Friday in district court.

Kobierowski did not have an attorney at his arraignment, police said. A phone listing for him could not be found.

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Stanley Kobierowski
Stanley Kobierowski


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Resisting arrest? I can't see how that is possible with that blood alcohol level.


I started ophph with nuthin, and I can safely say I have most of it left....


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Hello eveyone. I'm Stan and I'm not
really a alcoholic. The state gave me the
option of attending here and my lawyer
thought it would help me in front of the
judge so the foods pretty good at the
recovery house and I'll just pass.


Ain't that a shame...



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Just remember ta show up in court Stan. You'll be fined...of course. But NO drinking before ya get there. Oh yeah, take a taxi. Don't drive if ya do drink prior to court.

The judge might not take kindly ta that!


Hmm. That address doesnt look right.
It looks like the link pointing here was faulty.

Gah. Your tab just crashed.

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