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Post Info TOPIC: Switching with a "belt-pak" or "RC switching"

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Switching with a "belt-pak" or "RC switching"

All I have to do is turn on my bearcat scanner and listen

to what goes on the BNSF in Everett. Everett has 2 ML

Radio channels and then there is the "yard channel"

where lesser important communications take place.

Today the "yard channel" is filled with "robo-communications"

from these RC locomotives and the one sending them.

Sometimes its a comedy of errors as I heard the other

day as the operator was having a helluva day running

this switch job at Delta. Think I heard every "violation"

or "illegal tilt" and a succession of pushing the wrong

buttons but eventually the right ones got pushed and

the this switch job heads for the yard office for coffee.

So any of our current member gotten some experience

with this...being a "RC Commander"?

-- Edited by The Krink on Monday 6th of April 2015 12:29:26 AM


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I have operated RCO junk in 2005 area. Never understood it, never liked it, never ran it again. Scab shit if you ask me...



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Its made made railroading fun again.

its like playing with your Lionel trains when you were a kid.


-- Edited by Calvin on Friday 17th of April 2015 12:09:02 AM





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Know that BNSF Everett has 2RC switch jobs a shift
around the clock. Yes I would agree it would be hard for
most that are used to real railroading to become a RC
railroader. The diversity of a senority roster and there
will be enough that can do this either by a natural talent
or easily trained to do it...or "have to learn" how to do it.
I'm not in the info-loop to know how BNSF Delta Yard
switch jobs think of this type of switching. Think it is a very
slow way to switch cars in a yard that needs to switch cars
much faster to make all the connections. Noticed one change
recently that Delta Yard may be chronically enough behind
the 8-ball enough for the inbound PRGEVE (Prince George-
Everett) to land at Delta Yard with very few changes to the
train it becomes a PRGTAC (Prince George-Tacoma) and
this new train crew (a whole story in its self is the creation
of the Everett-Tacoma chain gangs)..who do the BNSF shuffling
of trains through the Seattle gauntlet and almost eliminate
anytime at all at Interbay/Balmer. Interbay still shoots a
couple trains northward a day. This Everett to Tacoma pool
or chain gang spends a lot of time in a crew shuttles as they
may end up anywhere to take a train north or south.


"I live in the 114th most peaceful country in the world".

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