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Post Info TOPIC: 3000 series ES44AH warning

Upgraded Condition?

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3000 series ES44AH warning

if one of y'all get one of the new gevo's in the lead, be aware of a common trouble showing up in more and more of them.

youre headin down the road and need some dynamic braking. You set it up and apply. As you increase the dynamic handle from setup thru notch 2 all is well.  As you increase to the 3 area a sharp drop in dynamics all the way to almost zero effort occurs until you get past 3 when the retarding effort comes back gangbusters, then you're ok all the way to 8.

coming back down from 8. All is. Ok till you get to the 3 area again. Yer runnin with about 30k and then all the sudden it drops out as you go past the 3 area. Get to the 2 area and brake effort comes back and then operates as advertised down to setup.

you can set yourself up for a nasty run out if ya don't watch.

dont know if it's related to the throttle problem that it seems only a few others I talked to have experienced.

say yer coming into a stop signal on an uphill pull with a heavy train. You are reducing the throttle to sneak around a curve to see the signal. You drop from 5 to 4, smooth, drop from 4 to 3, smooth, drop from 3 to 2,  as you move the throttle the engine quits loading and drops to 0 till the throttle is in the 2 position where it begins to load again. If you need to feather coming in you can go back and forth between 1 and 2 smooth. if you pull throttle back to 3 from 2 , as soon as the throttle comes out of 2 until you get to 3 the engine drops its load. This doesn't happen between any other notch setting. It's smooth between everywhere but between 2 and 3 where it drops its load.

sounds like a computer glitch.

just something ya need to know if ya get one, dont think it's ever been bad enuff to cause any mayhem, but it sure is disconcerting enuff if you're not ready for what could happen.


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Force Majeure

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Hi Calvlin!! :wavy wave:

*cy* and Snippy think you have it in EMD DASH Nothing classic dynamic brake simulation mode. :wavy wave:

It put a happy face on the Cap'n-0-de caboose.




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