Cleveland, Ohio 3:43pm

News coming out of the Browns camp is that they think they did an amazing draft last night during their 1st round of the draft. They traded away their #2 pick to get RG3 and now they just need some WR's right?


With their 1st round pick last night in Chiacago, the Browns selected WR Corey Coleman from Baylor University.

Corey was super excited to be picked in the first round. He ran up gingerly up on stage to be greeted by Roger Goodell and many press cameras. Then things began to really sink in for Corey Coleman.

"I'm going to the Browns? Oh my god what have I done?" Corey was heard saying in the green room after a few press photos were taken. "is there a way I can go back into the draft or something?" he was screaming.

People who overheard the yelling said it seemed like the young star was having a nervous breakdown.

It wasn't until late last night that Corey Coleman came up with a solution. He'd retire.

His official statement was released this afternoon.

"After a long debate with myself and having played 0 games with the Cleveland Browns I think the best decision for myself, my career and my health... will be to retire. I'm glad that everyone who took a chance on me will understand my decision and hopefully support it. This is something I just had to do. Maybe I'll go flip burgers at Wendys or something. Anything I can do to get out of here will be better."

Corey was not able to be reached for comment this morning.