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Post Info TOPIC: Too Much Excitement for One Trip

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Too Much Excitement for One Trip

The kind of stuff that would take years off your life, grateful I never had an experience quite like this:



Uncle Billy Richardson left Hinton one last trip and that was it.

Force Majeure

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He had an 'accident with a derailed train'? I guess that's one way of saying that he tried to kill an engineer and conductor when he parked on the tracks and derailed the train.

So many nightmares of close calls that could have ended like this.

Great tu see the award-winning ex-Green Team SD40-2 3290 is/was still putting out the tractive effort. Even better that they took the Nathaniel Hell SkullBuster 5000db+ horn off the short hood that used tu be a high hood short nose locomotive rear. Those were great locomotives.


Coronavirus Likes Amuricans



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Yeah, what I thought at first reading was what?

DODGE COUNTY, Ga. -- A truck driver was killed Wednesday after an accident with a derailed train in Dodge County, Chauncey Police and Fire Chief J. Atkins said.

Stupid question I know but: Did the train derail first, then this dumb ass just crash into it? I guess we'll hafta wait for updates. Maybe it'll be clearer then. Thanks Cy!


Hmm. That address doesnt look right.
It looks like the link pointing here was faulty.

Gah. Your tab just crashed.

Enemy of the State

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I'm sure it was written by some young hot chick whose never been around a truck or a train.


DJ will never be the Republicunt nominee. Permalynx this. Snippy 2/2/2016

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