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Post Info TOPIC: You be the engineer on the Indian Railway

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You be the engineer on the Indian Railway

I've watched quite a few videos of Indian Railway's 22-32 car passenger trains screaming by at 100-130kph. I wonder what its like being a hoghead

on these trains as you got to have some "nerve" as the chance of hitting a trespasser each day is high. People wandering all over the place and

last second crossing over the track with train "right there". And....And...you are running long end first. These Indian Railways units much longer

than a SOU/NW SD45 and you are going a lot faster. Cant find the video of the run I saw in thick fog doing 110kph but these will give you something

to consider/compare. It was puzzling to me why I dint see the engineer hitting the horn button with the horn seeming going off almost constantly

and I later discover that the "fireman" is the "horn man". So you got your fireman over there hitting the horn for you and he cant see anything ahead

on the engineer side of the long end but somehow its successful more times than not. Another thing with the "green flag/red flag thing" is the engineer

must display it out the window passing stations and other situations but doesn't have to hold it all the time. He knows when to wave it. Conductor or

whatever they call them in India looks to still be riding in a caboose/last passenger car at the end of the train has to wave a green flag too.


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